Todd Sparks, Artist, Art Promoter, Gallery Owner, Teacher and Mentor

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Todd Sparks is an artist and art promoter.  He owns the Cottage Art Gallery in Tulsa, OK. He promotes creativity and lives by the philosophy of “Seek beauty and find joy in all things”.  He wants his viewers to see individual brush strokes in his art.  The juxtaposition of colors and brush strokes are important in his work. Todd says “I want the viewers to see the paint and brush strokes as characters in the overall story and know they are seeing original paintings as opposed to prints.” He was inspired to explore pointillism, a form of impressionism.  This style of painting, made famous by Georges Seurat, uses separate dots of color to represent the image. “It is fascinating to watch the same color look dramatically different when it is next to several different other colors. In that respect, Pointillism is similar to other impressionist painting styles which have inspired Me such as Claude Monet or Paul Cezanne.”